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LIMITED EDITION WILDFLOWER WHIMSY BY GEORGIAXELLA Say hello to “Wildflower Whimsy” - the third of our four exclusive, limited-edition sprinkle blends, a collaboration between @thesprinkleclub and @georgiaandellaxx

In case you haven’t heard about our concept yet – together, @thesprinkleclub and @georgiaandellaxx have created FOUR stunningly unique sprinkle blends, each inspired by the signature style cake designs of @georgiaandellaxx . As you may have figured out, @georgiaandellaxx is alllll about the flowers!

Speaking of flowers, did you know that Katelyn @georgiaandellaxx is completely crazy? She personally hand-piped alllll of the flowers in this entire collection with her own hands. Talia @thesprinkleclub poured her heart into lovingly hand-dying each and every sprinkle as well. Countless hours were dedicated to perfecting these sprinkle blends in both design and colour composition to bring you the most beautiful, unique jars of sprinkle love!


*Please note sprinkles are all hand coloured & made in small batches so may have slight variation. All flowers in these are handmade therefore very delicate 


Sugar, Tapioca Starch, Water, Colours, Glazing Agent (903) & alcohol.Cane sugar, tapioca starch, egg albumen, E552, E553, E555, E556, E171, potassium hydrogen tartrate (E336), synthetic flavour, carboxymethylcellulose (E466), food acid (E330). ALLERGENS: Contains egg.

Made in Australia (Melbourne) from Local and Imported Ingredients

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