Colour Mill Serial Scraper Lilac (8in)

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From baking beginner to serial scraper, achieving clean edges has never been easier!  Consistently cover your canvas with a silky smooth finish with these Colour Mill scrapers.

This acrylic wonder boasts an easy-grip handle, a balanced bevelled edge, and a weight so light, it’ll dance with delight as you sculpt and shape your sweet masterpieces.

Use for smoothing buttercream & ganache, applying stencils, straightening dowels, trimming edges. scraping moulds and more!

Available in multiple sizes!

  • CMSS06 - 6 inch Peach
  • CMSS08 - 8 inch Lilac
  • CMSS10 - 10 inch Mint

How to use:

Holding the arch side, rest the bottom of the scraper flat against your cake board. With the bevelled edge facing out. gently rotate around your turntable, guiding the sharp edge along the cake.

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