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Welcome to my first blog post & my small business The Sprinkle Club

My Name Is Talia & I've grown up in Melbourne Australia 

I founded this business in 2021 after training as a pastry chef growing up and having an immense passion for food. Fell in love with the sweet side of this and this started as a passion project. 

We were always using the best ingredients to produce our cakes and sweets and when it came to decorations the 'edible' sprinkles we were adding were either looking like bright lollies, teeth breakers or just not the right colours.

Most products are imported from overseas & then the fun began. I created a range of 6 sprinkles first as something fun and challenging to do. Had shared them online and was absolutely ecstatic with the response. 

Fast forward to being used by the very talented decorators of Australia, two trade shows later & being stocked in my favourite cake shops.

I'm very proud to share with you all my little business & bring the best sprinkles to you. 

Each Blend is designed, coloured, packed, labelled by me. All of my blends are inspired by current trends and colour pallets I admire. Can assure you they are completely unique to The Sprinkle Club 

Stay tuned for more exciting projects and products in 2023. This is only the start.. 

Sprinkled with Love